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Introducing, Morris Esformes!

Morris Esformes follows has a variety of personal and professional interests. As someone who likes to remain up-to-date in various industries, Morris Esformes has taken the time to research his following interests, ultimately creating a deeper connection to each facet. While Morris Esformes enjoys watching the Marvel characters come to life, he’s done the background research to further understand the production that goes into developing these films, which he outlines on his personal blog site www.morris-esformes.com. In addition, he has researched his favorite star athletes to gain knowledge on what they invest in outside of their sporting careers.

About Morris Esformes

After graduating from RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami, Morris Esformes moved to Philadelphia, to attend the Wharton School of Business to study finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania. During his time at UPenn, he was able to experience a wide variety of career paths through various internship experiences. His first internship experience, which took place over the summer of 2017, was with Greystone Real Estate, while this past summer he was able to work with The Raine Group, a TMT merchant bank. Now, Morris has created a personal blog where he discusses a wide array of subjects located at www.morris-esformes.com. He has since been published on Medium , Thrive Global and WRCBtv. Continue to follow Morris on a variety of digital networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, About.Me, YouTube.


Morris Esformes on Marvel

Marvel Comics Publishing Company, which created such characters as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool, Thor, The Hulk and more, is owned by The Walt Disney Company in a $14 billion deal completed in 2009. This deal with Disney allowed for the evolution of the brand and character development, and has been a major success with the general public. When Avengers: EndGame hit theaters, Disney’s stock skyrocketed, and with the addition of Disney Plus, the networks very own streaming service, we’re only going to see more big things from Disney.

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Climate Change

Climate Change and Sustainability

Growing up in Miami has made Morris acutely aware of climate change and sustainability, in addition to the cleanliness of our oceans. One organization Morris believes to be interesting is The Ocean Cleanup, a project that deploys a modern buoying system to trap ocean garbage and rid the oceans and wildlife of harmful pollutants.

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Morris Esformes on Gaming & E-Sports

The gaming and E-sports industry is an exploding new entertainment sector. A current trend taking shape in the industry is the battle of tech companies vying to create the first-ever Netflix-like streaming subscription service for video games. Morris thinks it will be interesting to see who takes the market and whether the service will be a success.

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LA Lakers

In Morris Esformes free time, he loves to watch the NBA. His favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are in desperate need of a new head coach. He’s written about LeBron James extensively, and James’ business endeavors on and off the court.

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Settlers of Catan

When digital entertainment won’t do the trick, Morris Esformes turns to the popular board game ‘Settlers of Catan’ for enjoyment. He enjoys the strategic as well as competitive components of the game.


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